Doo-doo-doo-doo, the Final Countdown!

So yes, my last days are dwindling here.  I know that I have not written lately but I depart this side of the world on August 12th… homeward bound.  My emotions as of late have been very mixed: some days I realize how nostalgic I will be and others, well others make me wish I could push up the date.

Yesterday was one of the latter days.  I had a nervous breakdown before classes and luckily a special person was able to intercept my frantic call.  I let too much get to me sometimes.  I’ve had a lot of luck auctioning off my things: futon, bookshelf, wardrobe, miscellaneous furniture, etc, but I have been stressing about my cat Zooey.  I thought that I could easily just find a home for him, but it is proving to be more difficult than I previously thought.  Some news has come to light though and I am hopeful that I can either find a home before I leave or can bring him with me, the ultimate souvenir.  I’ll keep you posted.

As a great de-stresser in lieu of leaving South Korea, I am visiting friends in Taiwan August 1st- 7th.  Joe has been there for a year and our mutual friend Nick just moved there, so I will have the best of both worlds: the resourceful native and the sight-seeing companion.  I have been trying to save money, but I knew that I would regret two things if I did not go to Taiwan:

1. Not seeing some very special friends would be disappointing, especially after so much time.

2. Not seeing more of Asia while on this side of the world.  I know many people who did tours of Thailand, Japan, and Malaysia and I’ve been jealous.  This is a golden opportunity.

I anticipate good company, good weather, and good food and drink.  It will be nice to lose myself a bit before facing the reality of packing up and out of Dodge.

I haven’t told any of my students that I am leaving.  I am also pretty sure that most of my co-workers don’t know.  While I am happy about impending changes, I would rather not be the “dead man walking,” with people writing me off as another one biting the dust and not sticking it out.  My feelings, once again, are mixed.  While I initially knew that I HAD to be in Seoul for the time that I was here, I am just as convinced that it is time for me to be home for a while.

I have six more days of work, vacation, and then departure.  Exciting times ahead!

So It Goes.

No real news, but I’m excited because I have begun writing again.  These canceled classes at my school are really taking a toll; quite tired of it.  I’ve had so much time to do nothing- I’m trying not to be out spending money since I’m not getting paid at all for these classes that aren’t happening.  So, I’ve begun writing a couple of stories.  One that I am currently working on is about one of my favorite students who is quite “Westernized” in many ways.  When every other instructor complained about him, I embraced his eccentricity and I think that I rubbed off on him.   Hopefully I can finish it and possibly post it on here.

Other than writing, I’ve been checking out the job market via job websites and I’ve even applied to a couple of companies, most for office assistant positions.  One that I thought was neat was from American Greetings looking for a greeting card writer/editor.  I’ve always wondered/joked what it would be like if I wrote greeting cards.  Before retirement, I would try to find a way to eliminate Valentine’s Day as a national holiday.  On a more serious note, I am a bit downtrodden about employment because most jobs that I am interested in require years of job experience.  My work experience is pretty much all over the board: sales, retail, tutoring, store clerk, and now ESL instructor.

Instead of outright quitting my job here, I’ve requested a term break, which allows me three months of no work and I don’t have to be re-trained if/when I go back.  Many co-workers ask if I plan on coming back and I honestly say “I’m not entirely sure.”