New Leaves Turning

My new class schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – OFF
  • Tuesday – OFF
  • Wednesday -Bridge Listening, Par Listening
  • Thursday – Par Listening, Bridge Listening
  • Friday – Bridge Listening, Report and Essay Writing
  • Saturday – OFF
  • Sunday – Report and Essay Writing, Masters Reading: Voices in Conflict

It’s okay if the schedule does not make much sense; it doesn’t make much sense to me. I had to wait for two revisions to be completed and really, I’m content. I asked for two days off in a row and having Saturday off will be a treat, i.e. time to recuperate from previous night

I went out, again, with Kendra and Martha on Friday night, sort of a last hurrah! before the end of classes. We first went to a place by my house called Club Answer. I knew immediately that the place would be a waste of time when they tried to charge me and Kendra 35,000 won each, just for cover! So we waited around for Martha and hightailed it to Monkey Beach, our recent last-ditch effort place for good, clean Foreigner fun. The best thing about the night was meeting CDI people from another branch. It’s always exciting to meet brand spanking new instructors: I met someone who arrived just one month ago!

This time around, I ended up either buying treats for my classes and downloading choice “Simpsons” episodes. I’m anticipating new classes: for my new Masters class, I’ve created cool bookmarks out of wavy cardstock and magnets.

So, very insomniac because I purchased Dr. Pepper for my students today and ended up drinking some. Until today, it had been seven months since my last flavorful American soft drink, so the sugar has really hit me hard.

Must sleep… day off tomorrow… should have fun.


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