I’m Blonde Again!

Huzzah! In hopes to alleviate some of the winter blues that I have, I sought out professional help… a hair stylist!

There is a salon called Toni & Guy right by my place in Samseong and I finally got the nerve to try it out… but not before doing some research. I had previously read horror stories from ex-pats on Dave’s Esl website, complaining about horrible service and dye jobs. I simply wanted some highlights, to remind myself that I am blonde and hopefully make some ripples in the water around me.

So I called and the phone was picked up by an English speaker on the other end. The shop originated from London, so the advertisements boast “English-speaking hairdressers! No more miscommunication!” I made an appointment for 2 o’clock, greatly anticipating some change.

I walked there from my place and discovered how simple it was to get there. Automatically, I walked in and men and women took my coat and bag, shuffled me to a seat, and took the photo of myself from last summer out of my hand. I was in business. My hairstylist’s name is JuHee and she has been cutting hair for more than ten years. We made chit-chat and I almost like I was at my old hair place in Ohio. Three people, including JuHee, were wrapping my hair in tin foil. “This picture, the highlights look, how you say, ‘chunky,'” JuHee said. “Yes,” I replied, “lots of blonde… lots of highlights, please.”

While I waited in aluminum foil, I was given the most recent issue of Vogue and offered coffee and/or tea. I refused politely at first, but then thought, hey, for what I’m paying I might as well indulge: orange mint tea, please.

Once the color had set in, another woman led me to the sink to wash my hair. JuHee walked by, “She will massage now.” Huh? The woman started to lather my head and run her fingers softly and then coarsely over my skull…. oh, ok…. ahhhhhhh. It felt really great to have a scalp massage. I am too chicken to think about getting a full-body massage, so this was the next best thing. I could immediately feel some of the tension leave my body. I also began to loosen up about the price of everything; how much? Let’s just say that I was spoiled on spending $70 for highlights at home.

Once I was washed and somewhat towel-dried, and completely relaxed, she offered to trim my hair, for free. A cut here would cost about 40,000 won (over forty dollars) but she seemed impressed with that fact that I have been cutting my own hair…. or she felt sympathy for me. Either way, I glowed and praised her for my new blonde hair and giggled as she “fixed” my locks, after six months of trimming them myself. So, for the price of a hair coloring, I received primo treatment from JuHee and the staff, wash and dry, and an awesome trim; the staff went above and beyond.

I’m really glad that I did this today. Things lately have been ho-hum, but there are more exciting events to look forward to: going out tonight for some dancing, Hwe-Shik tomorrow night with all of Chungdahm, and a date on Monday. Not to mention, I start new classes with new students in less than two weeks.


2 thoughts on “I’m Blonde Again!

  1. Good for you! You probably look more like the Megan that I know (now). It sounds like you have much fun in your future. Put a new picture on your blog so we can see your hair. Love, Dani

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