Time Keeps On Slippin’

So yes, I have been busy.  But someone has got to make that Won, you know? Won doesn’t grow on trees.

 I’ve been teaching an Intensive class for two weeks now and though I have grown to love the students (I only have 4!), I do miss my days off…. terribly.  I’ve also agreed to help develop a Masters Literature class for next term.  Note, I said “agreed” and not “volunteered” – two guys from the program need some serious help and they pretty much told me that my background in literature and writing would really shine through the lesson plans.  So, after some ego-massaging, I agreed to design lesson plans for four novels, 3 months worth of lessons. 

So, aside from reading one novel for my Masters Lit class already and A Farewell to Arms for my Intensive class, I have to skim through four books in four weeks, so that I may have enough material to gleen lesson plans for the next term…. argh.

Sometimes I worry about burning myself out on work, but perhaps that occupies my time enough to that I don’t think about insignificant things, i.e. relationships.  Besides, the money would be good to have as well, since I am evidently paying far too much for my place each month.

Until that much-needed vacation, I will have to daydream and enjoy the caffeine that my body craves so much, all day every day.


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