I Am Waiting to Hear from Two Men…

never thought I would say that sentence.

In the next chapter of my journey, I am waiting to hear back from Drew, the recruiter that I have been corresponding with about my employment at Chungdahm Institute, or CDI. He conducted my phone interview, reviewed my resume and application, and now he is the one who will be processing my work visa, which I will need to live and work in South Korea. Some go without the visa, but face dire consequences when caught without have legal documents.

To get my visa I needed:

original university dilpoma (original, so I will have to get it insured

(2) photos

photocopy of my photo/info page of my passport, which I got last week (!!!)

(2) transcripts, sealed with university stamp

I have e-mailed Drew about attaining these documents and now I wait to be told what the next step is. In my phone interview, he told me that while CDI will sponsor my visa application and head the application process, I will have to go to the nearest Korean consulate in person to get my passport stamped, meaning that I would have to make a trip to Chicago, Illinois (one of my fav cities).

In my mind, I know exactly what I need to do to be of sound mind when I pack and prepare myself for this journey. On my day off today, I slept in, relaxed, and then motivated myself to pack up some boxes; pretty much all of my winter wardrobe and nic-nacs. I am also preparing for a yard sale that I am heading with my friend Lauren, or Ritz, as I affectionately call her. I don’t have much of value, but I have many, many handbags and shoes that I really will not be needing to take with me. I also have the responsibility of selling or trusting my family with my television and desktop computer. I only bought this computer a year ago, but it has served me well and I am ready to throw down some serious cash for a laptop with wireless. I have done some diligent saving this summer so far, but something tells me that I will be tempted to splurge on friends and family immediately before I leave; it’s easy for me to justify spending money left and right if I think that I will not see someone for a year or more.

That is material.

Now the second man that I am waiting to hear from is Joe, of course. He has been in Estonia for more than a week and I have received two e-mails from him because he cannot call me from where he is; this does not bode well for the next month. While I have been prepared for the idea of talking to him on the phone every other day while I am in Seoul and he is in Taipei, I did not prepare myself for not hearing from him at all. In the beginning however, I knew that his month in Estonia was probably going to be the most difficult part of being apart from one another because of the absence of communication. I have high hopes for when we are both at our respective schools because we will have the capabilities to talk and also the time, I hope. I am realistic when I consider that our schedules will be very different from each other, especially when I will be teaching in the evening and he in the morning/afternoon.

My last several days in Cleveland with he and his family was absolutely more than I could have asked for. We were able to laugh and joke with one another, yet take the time to convey and understand one another’s concerns and hopes. I just still can’t forget how hard it was to put my car into drive and roll away from his family’s lakehouse, leaving him in the driveway.

I’ve asked myself many times “Am I making this too hard?” but I believe that Seoul was the best decision for me. I was unsure for quite a while, but the events leading up to Joe’s leaving for Estonia made me feel immensely confident in the way things have fallen into place. It’s only times like this, when I feel somewhat stuck because I am waiting to be told what to do, when I feel disconcerted. Like I said, I am waiting to hear from one or both of the two men who have promised to contact me.