Apply Ass to Seat

I am finally a Miami grad and it is weird, to say the least.

I don’t receive my diploma for another three weeks via post and I am still working at the same crappy job that I had when I was still in school – only I’m now there forty hours a week.

 I was told that it would take 10 weeks for my passport application to process, so I should receive my passport at home in the next two weeks – supposedly. I have to send my original diploma as well as 2 copies of my transcript and passport photo in order to start the paperwork for my E2 work Visa.

However, the prospect of leaving for Seoul has become more tangible than ever. I am finding time to do more research (I don’t know, about the language, politics, i.e. the important shit) and slowly am learning that the weather is very similar to what I’m used to but to expect nothing less than a cold winter.  I also just ended a phone call with my mother, who has been very supportive through this.  As I have been calculating how much money I am going to make this summer before I leave in August, I’ve been anxious about purchasing the plane ticket for Seoul.  Against everything that I believe and tossng away everything that I thought I knew about my mother, she surprised me by telling me that she was going to buy my departure ticket as my graduation gift! (“Hey Meg, here’s your way out of the country… see ya in a year!”)  I’m enthralled, to say the least.  Miracles happen sometimes, but not often, and they can take the shape of a mother.  So essentially, the money that I earn as a manager at the university bookstore will be my start-up money for Seoul (awesome).

Joe left Oxford to go home to Cleveland yesterday.  I’m going to have to get used to saying “bye” to him for long durations of time, but something tells me that it will never get easy.  He stopped by the bookstore to hug me before he left and I was glad to be on my break because he was uber-serious about leaving and the moment was a somber one.  We will probably be guaranteed two weekends to meet up and spend time togeter this summer, but I hope for more.  He leaves June 18th for Estonia and after that he will head to Taipei, Taiwan to start at his school. 

Well, this week will probably be much like the previous, but Mike is back in town, so I know that I can give him a call if I ever feel lonely or bored.

I was very thankful to spend all of last Saturday with him, my only day off last week.  We spend the morning sleeping in and the afternoon at Hueston Woods traversing the trails and becoming one with Nature, so to speak.  My stomach had felt ill in the beginning, but it was probably some underlying anxiety that I was refusing to come to grips with.  The day was incredible and I’ve been thinking of it fondly, as well as other awesome times that we’ve had together.

Can You feel my Madness?

I am graduating on May 5th, this Saturday. My feelings are mixed to say the least. For a while now I have felt the need to expand my horizons and seek what I know to be the Real World outside of the Oxford Bubble. I have been in correspondence with a friend (Jimmy) of the family for months now and I have actualized what was at first a distant dream: I am going to Seoul to teach at Chung Dahm Institute in August. I am more than confident that I will make roots there and find a lot of fulfillment; I feel grounded in my life, but I feel as if there is so much for me to do in order to become a full-fledged adult.

At the same time, I unexpectantly fell in love with a man who makes me feel sexy, invokes laughter, and causes me to fall all over myself. I have had tumultuous relationships in the past (the good, the bad, and the ugly), but Joe makes this whole Love thing feel natural. I cannot fathom how hard the transition will be from hanging out every day to talking long-distance.

I am going to outline what I need to do before I leave so that maybe I will be more motivated since it will be in print, therefore a loud reminder:

1. Sell car and other worthless junk

2. Make amends with those who I know I will never see again

3. Find the piece of mind that I need in order to leave my folks

4. Learn SOME Korean prior to boarding the plane

There will be more later…. I must study for my last final exam ever.